Hobby Support

Recreational Drone Support

Support for novice and experienced recreational drone flyers.

We provide independent support and advice to Drone hobby pilots. As aviation professionals for over 35 years, commercial Drone operators for over 10 years, CAA R-NQE and members of the BMFA for 11 years; we use our experience to promote having fun whilst flying safely and legally to continue to enjoy the hobby.

We offer a number of sessions that are pre planned and have been fine tuned over the years of delivery, we feel that we are at our best when we are listening to our customers and delivering very tailored sessions to hobby fliers. This could be an introduction to a potential pilot or parent, or mentoring more advanced fliers that have been flying for a while. Give us a call to explore how we may help you.

Drone Experience (Free)

  • No experience required
  • Learn the basics
  • Fly on our simulator
  • Fly our trainer (if weather ok)

Safe & Legal Flying (Free Stand)

  • Stand For Charity Events
  • Guidance for hobby use
  • Law around hobby use
  • Insurance for hobby use
  • Privacy considerations

Pilot Mentoring (Free)

  • Basics of safe flying
  • Skills & drills
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Developing safe habits